Better giving in action

My Name’5 Doddie Foundation

Text giving campaign

"We used DONATE due to its flexibility, scalability and low cost and we loved donors having the ability to set-up regular monthly text giving."

Giving on tap: How Shelter used contactless technology to increase small donations

Contactless giving

"Contactless is the future for casual giving"

Art 4 Grenfell

Online auction

"We chose the DONATE platform as it provided all the fundraising services we needed at a fraction of the cost of other platforms"

East Sheen Primary School Gala Fundraiser

Silent auction at school fundraiser

"We would recommend DONATE as a service other fundraisers should definitely be aware of"

Shakespeare Schools Foundation

Contactless giving at comedy gala

“Not only did tap+DONATE™ allow us to reach donors that cash cannot reach but with less cash to handle we had fewer security concerns.”

Fighting for Charity – Charlie Watkins Foundation

Sponsored fundraising

Personalised and integrated text+web giving, along with on the night fundraising with contactless giving.

St Cadoc’s Youth Club

Community text raffle

"The text raffle service is genius, it worked brilliantly and is utterly simple."

Battersea Arts Centre

Rising from the ashes with text + web giving

Due to the flexibility of DONATE™ a fundraising campaign was launched and public donations were received before the fire had been put out

Help for Heroes

Stadium fundraising - Hit for 6!

The integrated nature of DONATE™ (providing both mobile-web and text giving) provided Help for Heroes with multiple ways of giving

Middlesborough Football Club for Teesside Hospice

Stadium text-raffle

Making raffles easy to run and cash-free

BT Tower Thanksgiving Dinner

Fundraising dinner using text raffle & auctions

"The system automates Gift Aid payments, which is much more efficient than using forms"

Watts Gallery Trust

Saved for the nation with text + web givng

"Each of the challenge participants used the platform to raise funds from their network. The combination of text giving and sponsorship provided all we needed"