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Ideas for PTA fundraising this Spring and Easter

Planning innovative fundraisers when coming out of the cold winter months will lift spirits and support the whole school community. Here are some ideas which make the most of the DONATE™ services already available to registered partners. Digital fundraising is easy, reduces the administration associated with offline events and boosts the fun factor around giving.

  • Live or Virtual Easter Bonnet parade

Children will love creating and showing off their Easter Bonnets.  Sell individual or family tickets to the parade via web donations through DONATE™ events service. Voting for the favourite bonnet can generate further donations by texting to the unique keywords given to each entry. Make it  easier than ever for busy parents to text a number or hit a button on the website rather than cash collections or bank transfers to the PTA treasurer. 

How to set-up a ticketed event

  • Easter Hamper Raffle for all the Family!

With text raffles still being the favourite fundraising service from DONATE™ for PTAs and School fundraising committees, why not replicate your Christmas Hamper Raffle with a Hamper full of Chocolate goodies. 

Set-up your next raffle now

  • Spring Bake Off 

Release Spring with a fundraising Bake-Off competition. Encourage families to come together and bake a masterpiece with a small suggested donation per entry. Our Text and Web donation Thank you message allow for custom hyperlinks. Use this function to direct entrants to send a picture or to the competition rules page. Picking the lucky winner by tasting the entries personally or virtually by looks and decoration. No soggy bottoms though please! 

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  • Run a Easter Egg Hunt

Nothing gets kids more egg-cited than the thrill of the hunt. It is free on the DONATE platform to set up multiple campaigns and keywords meaning that with a bit of planning it is easy to put the Fun into Fundraising this Easter. 

    • Choose 8 local locations or for a virtual hunt use the school website to hide each letter of a keyword. With clues on the trail leading to the location of the next letter, once all have been discovered the revealed keyword can be texted too. 
    • For older children, set clues with a keyword answer. Text replies reveal the location for the next clue. 
  • Auction of Unwanted Gifts

Auctions are a brilliant way to fundraise and can be successful at both in person events or virtually. The DONATE™ auction platform makes running an auction super easy. Families can give their unwanted items and gifts away to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going towards school supplies in aid of the school community. The auction could be in-person or held virtually. Raise  the profile of the auction by emailing parents with the list of items on offer with links to the bidding pages where the school community can bid for the lots online. The winners of each lot will be notified of their win via email or text. 

East Sheen Primary, Auction

Congratulations to all those who are innovating with their fundraising and we look forward to helping PTAs as they look to raise funds. You can get in touch with our fundraising supporter team at for any assistance with campaign set up.