Our guide to setting up, running and promoting text raffles

Key considerations

Entry Prices 

When setting your entry price consider your; value of prizes and prize donors, ask frequency and audience. 

Text raffles are unlike a traditional raffle where a strip can be bought. Remember that each text sent is an entry to the raffle and although participants can send multiple entries there is a £30 daily limit.

Raffle Keywords 

We suggest using words that are specific to your Raffle and is immediately memorable and avoids homophones, if possible. Please avoid generic keywords eg GIVE, DONATE, HAMPER.


Raising your raffle entry price to £5 would mean your raffle has the potential to raise 40% more than £3 entry price. Our experience shows that raising the ticket price does not dramatically affect the number of people participating. 


Text entries can be sent from anywhere in the UK. Increasing the number of text entries your donor can send increases their chances of winning



  1. On My Campaigns tab, click Add ​New text raffle
  2. Complete fields (but note there is no public page view) Mandatory fields noted with * must be to completed to proceed
  3. Select your ticket price from the drop down menu
  4. The default raffle keyword should be changed, please enter your chosen keyword in the “request a new code” field.
  5. Keywords must be no more than 8 characters, all letters or letters & numbers
  6. Enable the campaign on the ​Raffle activation​ Tab
  7. You can test the raffle entry process in Test mode on the Activation tab, test entries will not be counted. Please DO NOT draw the raffle in test mode, this will end the raffle and you would need to set up another
  8. Remember to set to ​Live​ when you are ready to promote the details of entry and prizes in your marketing materials
  9. Entries will show in realtime within your dashboard with the Keyword relating to the raffle
  10. If there are more than 30 prizes then two raffles should be set up


  1. Go to Weblinks, Text Numbers & Mandatories tab, click on your text raffle link.
  2. On this page you can add cash entries, these monies are NOT processed by us but the contact details (mobile preferable) will be included in the draw, they will not show on your dashboard so you could screenshot each entry page or keep a log for reference
  3. When you are ready and have allowed time for late entries to be processed (30mins) you hit the Draw Raffle button
  4. This will bring up a page showing a winning mobile number at the top followed by 29 more mobile numbers. The maximum number of entries that can be drawn for one raffle is 30
  5. You allocate prizes against the numbers and contact the winners directly

This information is in addition to our FAQs on text raffles https://www.nationalfundingscheme.org/text-raffle/ 

Login to your portal

Include your lottery licence in the description box

Promoting your Raffle 

Download and use our logos and the mandatory information. Including these on your  promotional materials will increase trust amongst you participants.  

Use our Canva account to create visually engaging social media posts, posters and other communication materials. You can request this from hello@nationalfundingscheme.org

You can promote a lottery across social media, email and other channels with a local authority licence. Tweet and post regularly across your social media, talk about objectives and goals, share how to enter, celebrate prize donations and thank. Include location sign-ins for a more local audience. Create an event to build buzz and set reminders and send invites. Share your totaliser page to maintain momentum and encourage more entries.

Communicate to your teams; front-of-house, volunteers, trustees and  supporters etc. Ensure they understand how the text raffle will work and use them to guide people through the process and ask for support.