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Text Raffle Changes

Earlier this year further automation to the text raffle set-up process was introduced. In order for DONATE™ to offer the text raffle service we have to comply with regulations and guidelines designed to protect both the raffle organising partner and raffle participants. Here’s what has changed.

Mobile text raffle entry

Lottery licence information regarding the raffle is now mandatory. More information about licences can be found here: Our guide to setting up, running and promoting text raffles

Text raffle licences are now available to view by all participants via the link in their text raffle reply message after each entry. The reply message is now set as default by the system and cannot be edited by any organisation. 

We have also used this opportunity to simplify and speed up the process of changing and allocating text raffle keywords. Keywords are automatically allocated but can be changed during the set-up process with immediate confirmation. If the keyword chosen is not available you will be given the option to enter another. This all means that you can have your text raffle up and running without having to wait for email confirmations. 

It is no longer possible to use the £1 donation channel for text raffles. Standard £3,£5 and £10 are still available as are the £20 and £30 chargeable channels.

If you would like to set-up a text raffle or digital fundraising campaign login into your portal. Our guide to setting up, running and promoting text raffles can help with the process if you have not used the new system. To find more about text raffles please visit DONATE™ Text Raffles – National Funding Scheme 

If you have any queries or concerns please contact