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Hybrid Fundraising into the New Year

Last year many charities found new ways to encourage donations. 83%* small charities had to rethink their fundraising activities and over half found digital fundraising to be a new and important channel for their organisation. There’s no denying that fundraising has dramatically changed in the past year and many of the new channels will continue…

Winter Spotlight – Christmas Special. How small charities are creating a huge impact

Spotlight Infographic_Winter 2020. In this edition of Spotlight we are shining a light on the Festive Fundraising we have seen across DONATE™ by our smaller charity partners. Featuring Schools and PTAs running bumper Raffles, presents for patients and Christmas dinners for doggies.    

How to understand digital giving platforms and prices

Since lockdown many charities have been looking for ways to fundraise using digital platforms as well as text giving. However for many it’s not the norm and the process of finding a partner can be lengthy and complicated. The key consideration is return on investment. There are a number of factors to weigh up, so…

Autumn Spotlight – Virtual conferences, musical marathons and religious giving

Spotlight Infographic_Autumn 2020 In this edition of Spotlight we are shining a light on a community food share CIC that used DONATE text codes on leaflets, a virtual trade conference, and a church that has been receiving donations via text during their Sunday services.

Digital fundraising sees surge in popularity during lockdown

We recently reached out to the charities signed up to DONATE™ to see just how much their fundraising plans have changed since lockdown, and the results are clear; digital, mobile and text fundraising methods have, and are, growing significantly. Our research found that an overwhelming majority (83% of charities) who use the DONATE™ platform have…

Summer Spotlight – Virtual Music Festivals, Borderlands Treasure and a local school

In this edition of Spotlight we are featuring a virtual music festival that used DONATE to raise funds, a national borderlands treasure that had a fundraising campaign to ensure survival, and a local school that made PPE for local healthcare workers. Visit the PDF link for more; Summer Spotlight

Spring Spotlight – Food Banks, Dog Rescue and The Big Night In

In this edition of Spotlight we are featuring a successful campaign from a dog rescue charity, a foodbank that has raised £9,000 to support the community, and a local football club that used social media to its full potential.   Visit the PDF link for more; Spring Spotlight 

Charities receiving increased donations during pandemic as generosity rises

The lockdown has meant that charitable events and fundraisers have had to be cancelled, leaving many charities looking at a large loss in income. However, as a result of the situation and public awareness, the public has been more generous than ever by supporting causes both close to their heart and those that have appealed…

Covid19 – Emergency fundraising for foodbanks

Are you a foodbank? Do you need to urgently raise donations and funds for your foodbank? Join the many other foodbanks using DONATE and raise text and web donations from the public. To join DONATE click here: To see what other foodbanks are doing see: St Paul’s Foodbank, Hounslow S6, Sheffield Bridgewater Foodbank

Kids For Quids…proving the power of text donations

In November 2019, we teamed up with The Sun on Sunday to help them with their Kids for Quids Christmas fundraiser, utilising our text giving service to fundraise for gifts for children in hospital at Christmas. The paper’s own research found that as a nation we lose around £20m in loose change a year so…

How charities can maximise fundraising when an emergency hits

When disaster strikes we all look at the ways in which we can respond, whether it’s by fundraising or volunteering. But how can charities ensure they make the most of the media attention to garner support? Once the national and/or international media kicks in highlighting a natural disaster or emergency, there is a window of…

Why it’s vital to think digital for fundraising this #charitytuesday

We recently teamed up with Giving Tuesday to present a webinar on how charities can utilise digital channels to fundraise since we generally carry a lot less cash than we used to. When we commissioned YouGov[1] to look at how much cash the nation holds on them, we found that 70% of us hold less…