Fundraising during an economic downturn

It is a sad reality that, during an economic downturn, we see need increasing and resources decreasing. Whilst there are greater calls on charities to deliver support, donors themselves too have less disposable cash and adopt a more considered approach to giving. As we move through the next two to three years, charities therefore need…

Capture tourist donations with our Summer Fundraising ideas

Many of us will be exploring and enjoying the British Isles this summer. Have you got a plan to make staycationers become part of your long-term supporter group? Below we identify four ways to welcome new supporters and donors.  Open Days Hold an open day during the week to enable visitors to see behind the…

Text Raffle Changes

Earlier this year further automation to the text raffle set-up process was introduced. In order for DONATE™ to offer the text raffle service we have to comply with regulations and guidelines designed to protect both the raffle organising partner and raffle participants. Here’s what has changed. Lottery licence information regarding the raffle is now mandatory….

Ideas for PTA fundraising this Spring and Easter

Planning innovative fundraisers when coming out of the cold winter months will lift spirits and support the whole school community. Here are some ideas which make the most of the DONATE™ services already available to registered partners. Digital fundraising is easy, reduces the administration associated with offline events and boosts the fun factor around giving….

The Spotlight – How small charities are creating an huge impact

Size doesn’t matter when using digital fundraising. Our collection of spotlights demonstrate how causes of all sizes effectively use DONATE™ to raise vital funds. Our smaller partners drive digital donations through the platform using unique ideas and attention grabbing methods. Winter 2021 12 Lights of Christmas Spring 2021 Spotlight Spring. How small charities are creating…

12 Lights of Christmas

Twelve ways DONATE™ partners have been fundraising. From festive campaigns to general contactless donations. Our partners campaigns have been successful and delivered vital funds to good causes this year. Here is a countdown to how they have done it…. Twelve community collectives drumming Rotary Clubs, Round Tables and Lions run invaluable fundraising for and in…

Auctions and How to Plan Them

Auctions are an incredibly effective way to raise funds and bring in new donors to your charity. However, during the pandemic, with lockdowns and social distancing restricting public events, real-life auctions were not able to go ahead. As with so many other aspects of our lives, the Covid restrictions have forced charities to re-think how…

Virtual giving programme

Over the last few years charities have found new ways to encourage donations using digital channels. During the Pandemic, 83% of small charities had to rethink their fundraising activities and over half found digital fundraising to be a new and important channel for their organisation. Fundraising has dramatically changed with the development of virtual fundraising…

Spotlight Spring. How small charities are creating a huge impact

Spotlight Infographic_Spring ’21 pdf . In this edition of Spotlight we review the spring Fundraising we have seen across DONATE™ by our smaller charity partners. Featuring Animal conservation, essential and personal fundraising campaigns.

Winter Spotlight – Christmas Special. How small charities are creating a huge impact

Spotlight Infographic_Winter 2020. In this edition of Spotlight we are shining a light on the Festive Fundraising we have seen across DONATE™ by our smaller charity partners. Featuring Schools and PTAs running bumper Raffles, presents for patients and Christmas dinners for doggies.