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Research shows DONATE™ is 5x more effective than cash giving

Shakespeare Schools Foundation (SSF) held its first ever stand-up comedy night in June 2018 in aid of its transformative work with young people nationwide. Of the 370 people at the event, £103 was raised from cash donations and £515 from contactless giving. Not only was 5 times more raised through contactless but an additional 27% of donors gave through this route.

“Registered charity National Funding Scheme (providers of the DONATE™ service) got us their tap+DONATE™ box within 5 days. From point of enquiry through to delivery they went above and beyond to ensure SSF would raise the crucial funds it needs to make our work happen. SSF used the unit as part of the night, our host coining it “The Tapper” and encouraging audience members to hand it around the auditorium tapping it and passing it to the person next to them.

“Not only did tap+DONATE™ allow us to reach donors that cash cannot reach but with less cash to handle we had fewer security concerns.”

Georgie Brehaut, SSF Events Manager went on to say “SSF are excited to develop its use of “The Tapper” at events in the future providing its diverse audiences and range of stakeholders the option to give via contactless payment and not relying plainly on cash donations in a bucket.”