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How To Incorporate Contactless Giving Into Your Venue

With attractions and tourist destinations reopening their doors to visitors this month, introducing contactless giving is a great way for many to recoup income in an easy and cash free way.

DONATE™’s easy to use contactless giving provides an efficient  way of encouraging donations throughout your venue. These can be monitored through the DONATE™ portal and can be up and running, receiving cash-free donations, within a week.

One attraction that is looking to include contactless giving into their venue is The Etches Collection Museum of Jurassic Marine Life in Dorset, which houses a unique collection of fossils dating back over 150 million years. At present, this charitable organisation is already using DONATE™ web giving for their fundraising efforts. Currently, they charge an entry fee to cover costs, however after a tough year, they are appealing for donations to help them to continue to support the museum and it’s activity centre.

If, like The Etches Collection, you’re a charity looking for a way of increasing your donations, to support funds following the Covid-19 lockdowns, here are some top tips.


1.Set up a contactless system on entrance to the attraction

Placing contactless giving donation points at the entrance to your venue encourages visitors to donate up-front, easily contributing to your cause at the beginning of their visit. This is an optimum placement for donations, where they can be made by an easy tap on the move, in good spirit for what the day will bring.

With DONATE™’s contactless giving system, units can be battery operated and monitored by an individual, or set up on a table unit and powered through the mains. The flexibility optimises the opportunity to bring in much needed funds.

2. Use smaller recommended donation amounts fees

Using small donation amounts, such as £3 or £5, increases the likelihood of visitors contributing to the cause. With small amounts, donations are more of an incentive and it’s even easier for consumers to support your venue. This ease of giving is an attractive element and encourages one-off donations.

3. Use exits for visitors to re-evaluate their contribution to the attraction

Visitors who have gained value from a fulfilling trip are more likely to want to make a donation. Placing a donation station at the exit allows visitors to express their thoughts monetarily.This is a transactional way for customers to rate and review their experience, ultimately aiding your venue’s funding.

4. Highlight the difference visitors will be making to the venue

Use banners, posters and flyers to express what the donations will be going towards. Using stories, imagery and clear messages to advertise this by the contactless unit, provides this sense of connection and community that draws donors in and makes a difference in the momentary experience of understanding what the cause is, and how they can help.

5. Give donors a choice

Some donors may want to donate £5, while others may want to pay £15; leaving this flexible and up to the donor ensures trust, whilst giving donors more decisions over how they would like to contribute. 

With the DONATE™ contactless system, the device can be set to either manual or repeat modes. In repeat mode, a pre-set amount (£1 to £30) is selected at the point of purchase and is set by the gateway provider; in manual mode, any amount can be taken using the keypad. This flexibility brings in a range of donations, and donors can contribute to the cause with no limits.

Donations can be monitored live through the DONATE™ portal, with venues being able to set up their battery-operated portable units or table/wall fixed units that are powered through the mains. A streamlined service means that venues can be up and running, receiving donations within a week.

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