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DONATE™ supports Natural England

As Spring approaches Natural England is working with DONATE™, the UK’s national fundraising service, to launched two fundraising campaigns for the public to get behind.

Restoring Bergum Wood next to the Stiperstones National Nature Reserve (NNR), Shropshire

Bergum Wood is to be restored in to a beautiful upland oak woodland, supporting flora and fauna in their natural habitats. The wood will extend the Stiperstones National Nature Reserve, adding to its wild heathland habitat and famous geology. Friends and supporters can give in a number of ways:

  • £5 by texting NENG001 to 70970 which will support 5 square metres / 250 bluebellsand a holly bush
  • £10 by texting NENG001 to 70191 which will support 10 square metres / 500 bluebells and 2 holly bushes

Or by going to, supporters can give any amount including £50 to restore 50 square metres, 2,500 bluebells, 10 holly bushes, 2 hazel trees and 1 oak tree.

Simon Cooter the Senior Reserve Manager for Natural England’s Stiperstones NNR said “I’m really excited that if we succeed our children and grandchildren will be able to appreciate going for a walk under a beautiful canopy of English oaks. Spring will see the woodland floor carpeted with bluebells and birdsong will fill the air.”

About Natural England

Established in 2006, Natural England is the government’s independent adviser on the natural environment. Our work is focused on enhancing England’s wildlife and landscapes and maximising the benefits they bring to the public. 

Stiperstones National Nature Reserve

The Stiperstones NNR includes the major part of the Stiperstones ridge in south Shropshire, near the Welsh border. This is a wild and atmospheric landscape, with a geology of national significance. The Ordovician Stiperstones Quartzite’, which makes up the ridge was shattered during the last ice age to create the jagged, boulder-strewn landscape seen today.

Common lizard and common frog live on the reserve and local birdlife includes red grouse red kite, skylark, raven and stonechat.

Invertebrates range from armies of hairy wood ants, to magnificent green hairstreak butterflies and emperor moths.

There is open and well-used public access to the reserve. The Stiperstones Stomp is an 8km path that takes in the sights of the ridge and surrounding countryside, while there are also a number of shorter alternative routes and a 650m all-ability trail.

About National Nature Reserves (NNRs)

There are 224 NNRs in England, 143 of which are managed entirely or in part by Natural England and cover some 66,000ha. The NNRs include some of England’s most important and rich sites for wildlife and geology. Almost all NNRs are accessible, and provide great opportunities for people to experience nature close up.