How it works

How it works

Step 1

enter the text code or web address

Step 2

decide how much to give

Step 3

celebrate your generosity

Use DONATE to give easily and securely from your mobile

Helping others is in our basic human nature – it makes us feel good. And now donating at charity and fundraising events across the UK has never been easier. Give any amount from £1 easily and securely to your favourite charities using your mobile phone. Just text the donation codes or use the QR codes shown on the flyers, posters, banners and webpages. Text charges are added to your mobile phone bill.

Do select ‘add GiftAid’ where available too so that an extra 25% can be collected from the taxman meaning more money for the causes you support.

All donations are secure and reliable using processing technology provided by our leading payment including Barclaycard and PayPal. The donation platform DONATE™ is run by National Funding Scheme, a charity registered in England, Wales and Scotland.

Login to your secure account on DONATE™ to see which charities you have given to, control which organisations you share your data with, and, to support your tax reclaims.


Guests donating at event


"Why has no-one come up with this before; immediate, secure mobile giving. I love it!" - Emma Clark
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