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How it works

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The National Funding Scheme provides you with:

  • Templates to create signage
  • Brand guidelines
  • Unique codes for your causes/campaigns
  • Collection and disbursement of donations and any associated Gift Aid
  • Information relating to the donor (subject to donor permissions)
  • Access to Culture Juice (our knowledge bank) and its related insights and advice

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** Participating venues must either be a charity or a charity exempt from registration under the England and Wales Charities Act of 1993, or reigstered with the Scottish or Northern Irish charity regulatory bodies


DONATE provides you with a way to donate and support cultural causes and campaigns through a wide number of routes (SMS, debit or credit card and Paypal)... Read more

Your donation is to the National Funding Scheme and indicates a specific cause in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. The receiving organisation is charged a minority share of the Gift Aid (45%) or 2.5% on the donation where no Gift Aid has been added. This fee is used to cover advertising and transaction services. Text charges will be as per your standard network plan.

  • You can give either through the website or through a mobile phone
  • Cultural organisations will be displaying signs identifying individual causes and campaigns that need your support
  • For each cause/campaign there is a unique code which you must use when identifying a cause
  • This unique code is either:
    • entered into a text message and sent to 70970 to donate £5
    • dynamically found by your phone/tablet by scanning the QR code or
    • dynamically found by your phone/tablet by touching the NFC chip with an enabled device

You may Gift Aid your donation both to increase your donation and, if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you may be entitled to a personal tax rebate of up to 31.25% of your donation.*

Remember, you do not need to be registered with DONATE to make a donation but, if you are, we can calculate any higher rate tax relief that may be due to you. Registering also allows your registration details (but not your debit/credit card details) to be securely held, so that donating is easier next time. If you register a debit or credit card it is held securely by our payment provider (Barclaycard) and cannot be accessed by the National Funding Scheme.

* If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your gift can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme and you may be entitled to a personal tax refund. Please refer to the Government's Gift Aid scheme.