QR Codes

Our tips to successful contactless fundraising

Thanks to recent initiatives such as the NHS “Track and Trace” system, QR codes are now ubiquitous. Moreover, the scanning process and user benefits are now widely understood. Your donors are now able to use  this simple technology when making a donation thanks to DONATE’s  provision of QR (Quick Response) codes. As with Track and Trace, it’s easy, foolproof and improves conversion. 

Where we see our partners promoting campaign QR codes we have seen a direct increase in value and number of transactions. See case studies below.

Finding your QR Codes 

Every campaign is automatically assigned a unique QR code. You will find these under  the “Text codes, weblinks and mandatories” tab in your portal. Select the campaign from the list which reveals the QR code associated with this campaign. Here you will be able to  download the QR code in eps. or png. file formats or you can use a snipping tool to create a jpeg.

Using your QR Code 

Some older phone cameras may not recognise QR codes. We therefore recommend you include the campaign’s short URL alongside the QR code on any promotional material. 

Use the QR on your direct mail campaigns, campaign posters, collection buckets or event T-shirts. They are just as effective scanned from a screen as they are from printed materials and can be used on your website and social media to drive cashless donations.  

Your web giving page will have pre-set amounts of £5, £10, £15, £25, £50  along with an ‘other’ field. These pre-set amounts can be changed by dropping us an email. Please identify the five individual amounts required and the single default donation amount. 

Communicate to your teams; front-of-house, volunteers, trustees and supporters etc.  Ensure they understand how the QR codes work and use them to guide people through  the process and ask for support. 

Our News pages and Case Studies provides more tips, advice and best practice for digital fundraising. Please contact us if you would like any assistance or further resources. 

QR code giving in action

Vauxhall City farm

The farm displays the QR codes and Text giving channels on posters around the venue as well as offering a contactless donations. The contactless device takes voluntary entrance donations and supporters are assisted in making this donation by staff. Self service donations posters allow donors to make donations as they experience the farm.



During a review period 2961 transactions were received, 533 (18%) were by web, the remaining  2022 donations were made via a DONATE™ contactless device. 


The average web donation was £13.21. 


The average contactless donation was  £6.10.


53% of the web transactions were started using the QR code.

The Redeemed  Christian Church of God UK

During the Live stream video of the Workers’ Rally 2020 Virtual  event, QR codes were promoted alongside other donation channels including Text giving by DONATE™.




The video received 14,512 views and 194 DONATE™ donations.


Of these DONATE™ donations 168 used the QR code to generate £1924.

Upper Norwood Library Trust

The library trust uses the QR codes in a few ways;

  • On printed posters displayed in the window/noticeboard.
  • Through live streaming channels as a digital overlay.
  • Across digital assets such as posters used on social media or websites etc.

During the Crystal Palace Christmas Event the Trust’s live stream had 352 viewers. The DONATE™ QR  code and totaliser screen were shown as part of a digital overlay. Using the totaliser screen alongside the donation method is a great way to keep the momentum going through an event.


The QR code generated 21 donations during the event with an average of £16 donated.


This compared to 5 donations made by text with an average of £8.50.