Fundraising For Ukraine

As the situation develops in the Ukraine here in the UK many are finding ways to help. The trustees from National Funding Scheme which run the DONATE™ platform decided early on to run a national campaign using the DONATE™ text and web giving services. Funds raised will support on the ground relief efforts but specifically for Ukrainian children who are caught up in the war and fleeing from it. To learn more and find the text codes please visit

Meanwhile, other DONATE™ partner organisations are running individual campaigns to provide relief in areas such as food shortages, medical supplies or animal welfare. You can find and support all of the campaigns run by our partner organisations on the DONATE™ platform at

What can you do?

For many charities, as we saw during the COVID19 pandemic, it is not possible to pivot their charitable objectives and therefore we would like to thank our partner organisations for their support of National Funding Scheme’s for Ukraine campaign. Specifically Mildmay Misson Hospital, The Bridge Renewal Trust and Wells Carnival for sharing social media posts and to Friends of Thorpe School Association for distributing the campaign information amongst their supporters.

Make a Donation

Make a donation to any of the Ukrainian campaigns on and help us reach our goals.

Share a Campaign

Can you share the details of a Ukrainian campaign with your supporter base? Use your mailing lists, social media audience and group or your personal network.

Set up a Campaign

Log in to your portal and set-up your own campaign to support a Ukrainian cause. Collect funds through web and text donations from your supporters.

Partner Organisation Campaigns

Animal focused support

Raising funds that will be directed to the EAZA’s emergency appeal for Ukrainian Zoos, supporting their staff and animals with Yorkshire Wildlife Foundation’s campaign

Student focused support

Supporting fellow students who maybe involved in the crisis, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students Ukraine Emergency campaign can be found at

Children focused support

Supporting Childern and Families through this crisis are the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline with Supporting Children and Families in Ukraine Campaign. Working primarily in the northern regions of Ukraine that are being badly affected by the current conflict and have no political affiliation. Known and trusted by the local communities to help the children and their families by being there for them in their time of need. More can be found at

West Yorkshire Animals in Need

Supporting Animals and the people on the ground trying to help the West Yorkshire Animals in Need fundraiser is to raise funds for those small animal rescues groups who would otherwise be overlooked.

The Please Help the Animals of Ukraine campaign can be found at

Yapton Free Church

Supporting Ukraine refugees will go directly to the people who need it through pastors already living and operating in the country. To provide food, water, medical assistance and protection support Yapton Free church’s appeal at


Great St Mary's, The University Church Cambridge

Fundraising during lent for the UNHCR’s special appeal for Ukraine is Great St Mary’s, The University Church Cambridge with the campaign

Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust

Working with match opponents Hibernian FC, Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust ran a matchday collection raising £3,018.25 (including Gift Aid) through text donations to support the Ukrainian Dnipro Kids appeal. Find out more at

Rotary Club of Staines

Fundraising to provide essential items as Ukrainians face the prospect of renewed conflict are Staines Rotary with the campaign

Food4Heroes is Fundraising to provide meals to those in need in Ukraine working in partnership with the World Central Kitchen, a charity in Ukraine today. Since the invasion, WCK’s relief team has been on the ground supporting families sheltering in the country as well as refugees arriving in Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and most recently in Spain. Cooking out of its own relief kitchen in Przemysl, Poland and mobilising a vast network of chefs and volunteers across all six countries, WCK is providing nearly 200,000 hot, nourishing meals every day.