Contactless Giving

£2974 raised

A reopening with contactless donations

This urban farm had noticed cash donations from their visitors were on the decline. As Vauxhall City Farm weighed up their options, they realised they should try contactless donations to stay up to speed with the pace of change in technology. Recognising that for most charities, going from cashless to contactless can be a daunting change, the farm decided to trial contactless giving at their off-site fundraising event at Lambeth Country Show in July 2019. 

How DONATE™ was used:

Already a user of the text donation service, the farm decided to test contactless donations in order to boost donations at the Annual Lambeth Country Show 2019. The contactless unit worked beyond expectation by encouraging donations from people who weren’t carrying cash. 

After seeing the significant improvement in donations from this trial, Vauxhall City Farm added contactless donation points around the farm. 

With visitor numbers down (but now increasing as Lockdown measures are eased) the farm has seen overall donation levels remain static implying an increase in the average donation. Since reopening with limited onsite capacity to visitors, the farm has seen overall donations and the number of donations remain similar to pre-COVID levels, suggesting that the average value of individual donations has increased.

The farm has also made use of QR codes displaying them around the farm. Of the 2961 total transactions received, 533 (18%) were by web (average value £13.21). 53% of these web transactions were started using the QR code. The remaining 2022 donations were made via DONATE’s contactless service with an average donation value of £6.10