Better giving in action

Regular church text giving fundraising

Urban Farm provides a Contactless donations option.

"I don't usually carry much cash. Having the card machine available made this a really simple and convenient way to donate to the Mayor's Fund."

"115 donations in one evening; fantastically simple and fun for everyone."

Making it easy for corporates to raise funds from their employees for supported charities.

A glittering fundraiser at the Gherkin for two arts charities raises over £60,000 to support emerging artistic talent.

We used DONATE due to its flexibility, scalability and low cost and we loved donors having the ability to set-up regular monthly text giving.

"Contactless is the future for casual giving"

"We chose the DONATE platform as it provided all the fundraising services we needed at a fraction of the cost of other platforms"

"We would recommend DONATE as a service other fundraisers should definitely be aware of"

“Not only did tap+DONATE™ allow us to reach donors that cash cannot reach but with less cash to handle we had fewer security concerns.”

Personalised and integrated text+web giving, along with on the night fundraising with contactless giving.

"The text raffle service is genius, it worked brilliantly and is utterly simple."

Due to the flexibility of DONATE™ a fundraising campaign was launched and public donations were received before the fire had been put out

The integrated nature of DONATE™ (providing both mobile-web and text giving) provided Help for Heroes with multiple ways of giving