Better giving in action

"To support bereaved families the FBU make it easier for colleagues, family and others to show they care and make donations."

"Flexibility and ease of use so that we can manage our campaigns and offer both text and web giving through a single platform."

"The auction was a great success and was straightforward for us and our supporters to use."

A bumper season for Text Raffles run by Schools and PTAs.

A testing match for testing times.

"Unlike other platforms it is great to work with a technology platform, which is itself a charity, that offers advice and even PR to present our cause."

"Funding raised by our amazing community. We wouldn’t be here without them."

"We’ve been blown away by the generosity of our supporters, raising nearly £30,000 in four weeks."

Fast and Furious Fundraising Auction

"We found the DONATE system to be very handy and were surprised we generated as much as we did"

"The power of an online community to fundraise for a critical conservation project."

A memorable start with a first in digital fundraising for the Foundation in this historic Rugby community.

Regular church text giving fundraising

Urban Farm provides a Contactless donations option.

"I don't usually carry much cash. Having the card machine available made this a really simple and convenient way to donate to the Mayor's Fund."