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DONATE is a new way to give to the things that inspire and move you. It's been designed to make it easy for you to make donations to cultural causes using your mobile phone.

About Us

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What is the National Funding Scheme (NFS)?

The National Funding Scheme is a registered charity (charity no: 1149800 and SC045106) set up in March 2013 with a clear objective - to enable arts and heritage charities to fundraise using digital technology. The NFS has developed a tool of mobile giving - DONATE - which it provides for free to the arts and heritage sector, thereby totally transforming the way the public can give to cultural and heritage organisations.

If you're an arts or heritage charity, you can join the hundreds of organisations who've already chosen to adopt DONATE by registering here.


What is DONATE?

DONATE is the mobile platform and the public-facing brand of the NFS. Wherever people see the DONATE sign, asking them to support a particular campaign, they can easily make a donation through digital channels using their mobile device (phone or tablet). DONATE combines SMS texting, Near Field Communication, QR code and web apps into one simple platform meaning people can donate through one recognised brand via multiple channels. 


What does it cost?

It costs nothing to join DONATE nor are there any monthly fees or charges instead NFS takes a minor share of any eligible Gift Aid (45%). Where no Gift Aid has been added, NFS will charge 2.5%. These charges enable the NFS to cover marketing, related administration costs and credit/debit card transaction charges as well as to continue to roll out the technology to other arts and heritage organisations free of charge.


Gift Aid

DONATE reclaims the Gift Aid on donations from UK tax payers, which is then passed on to the institution, adding as much as 25 per cent to the value of your gift. If you are a UK higher rate tax payer, you can claim back up to 31.25% of your gift through a personal tax reclaim. To do this you must register for Gift Aid but you only need to do this once for your registration to work for all donations made through DONATE. You can log in to your account and see how much you've given - and how much you might be able to reclaim. For more on Gift Aid, please visit the HMRC website.