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Protecting our zoos during Covid-19

The impact of lockdown on charities has been well documented, with many launching appeals to make up for the shortfall. Spare a thought though for zoos; many of which operate under a charitable trust. At their heart, zoos support animal conservation and biodiversity but the two Lockdowns have had devastating… read more

Giving Tuesday – Text giving top tips from DONATE

Text giving can really give a fundraising campaign legs when used to its potential, like with The Ruth Strauss Foundation’s Red For Ruth campaign, which raised £289,523 through text giving alone in July.  Looking to do the same? Here’s our top tips of how to make the most out of… read more

How to understand digital giving platforms and prices

Since lockdown many charities have been looking for ways to fundraise using digital platforms as well as text giving. However for many it’s not the norm and the process of finding a partner can be lengthy and complicated. The key consideration is return on investment. There are a number of… read more

Autumn Spotlight – Virtual conferences, musical marathons and religious giving

Spotlight Infographic_Autumn 2020 In this edition of Spotlight we are shining a light on a community food share CIC that used DONATE text codes on leaflets, a virtual trade conference, and a church that has been receiving donations via text during their Sunday services.

Eight festive fundraising ideas to make planning easy this Christmas

Despite long-term fundraising plans being altered due to the pandemic, Christmas events are still the largest fundraising drive for many charities. Although it’s unlikely we will be able to host many traditional fundraising events this year, the sector can look forward and begin to make virtual and physical plans that… read more

Digital fundraising sees surge in popularity during lockdown

We recently reached out to the charities signed up to DONATE™ to see just how much their fundraising plans have changed since lockdown, and the results are clear; digital, mobile and text fundraising methods have, and are, growing significantly. Our research found that an overwhelming majority (83% of charities) who… read more

September Charity Jobs – Think Virtual Christmas Events

Overall, digital fundraising is on the rise, with our recent survey revealing that 85% of charities surveyed believe that digital fundraising is set to grow faster than trend. As Christmas approaches, traditionally the strongest period of giving in the Christian calendar, it is more important than ever that charities understand… read more

Charity Jobs this August – Keep on innovating

Lockdown has meant that many charities have been forced to update fundraising plans and consistently keep developing new ideas.  Many charities that had been looking at a funding deficit were recently delighted by the news that the London Marathon is to take place at home, joining the huge numbers of… read more

Record text giving campaign raises over £290k

Since lockdown in March fundraising methods have had to adapt. A recent survey by DONATE™ has shown that half of respondents see text giving as a new and powerful fundraising channel with live events having been culled. Text giving provides an easy way to raise money, can be turned into… read more

Our Top Ten Charity Podcasts

As a digital fundraising platform we love podcasts that help charities become more digital. Podcasts are hugely popular and a great space to open up discussions across a number of fundraising topics, from workplace volunteering to diversity in charities.  The past few months has seen many charities and charitable organisations… read more