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Restoring The Cast CourtsVIC001

V&A - London

The Cast Courts first opened in 1873 and renovation work to transform them is ongoing. We are reinstating the Victorian decorative scheme to enhance the architectural detail of the galleries and we will restore the tiled floor. Essential repairs are being carried out to the roof, ceiling, windows and walls so that we can safely house this unique collection. Conservation work will be carried out on the casts themselves and will ensure that they are preserved for the future.

The restoration of the Cast Courts is ongoing and is supported by the generosity of our visitors.

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FuturePlan is transforming the V&A by ensuring the collections are well displayed, researched and conserved, bringing clarity to the Museum’s layout and revealing and restoring the building's original grand architecture, and by providing the best possible visitor facilities. Using the best architects and designers, we are bringing the V&A into the 21st century and restoring modern design and innovation to the heart of the museum.

The Victoria and Albert Museum urgently needs to raise funds to restore the Cast Courts and for other charitable projects. Thank you for your support.